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More challenge for experienced bikers

Routes for advanced

You are already confident on the bike and master the first routes without problems? On the advanced routes you can work on your technique, improve your riding skills and get to know new terrain. Let's go on the Sauerland MTB trails at Bikepark Winterberg !

New 2023 - expected from the end of May

Rockshox Enduro Triple

Now it's getting challenging - and not just in a double pack, but directly in a triple. The three Enduro Lines run parallel to the KyrHill as well as to SRAM Flow Country . The starting point for all 3 lines is directly below the mountain station of the Panoramabahn. The technically demanding routes are only for experienced riders.

All routes at a glance


Ideal for learning the riding technique. The challenges are not very demanding.
Suitable for advanced Bikepark riders. The route with tables, jumps and drops is flowing, but requires quite good previous knowledge.
Should only be used by very experienced Bikepark riders with sufficient Bikepark experience. Here you will find wooden elements, as well as gaps, jumps, stone fields, root passages and drops in various degrees of difficulty.

ATTENTION! Temporary track closures and restrictions of sections or entire tracks can always occur at short notice, e.g. due to weather conditions or safety-related maintenance work.


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