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General terms and conditions of business


Terms of use Bikepark

The practice of the Mountainbike sport is associated with sport-specific dangers. Users of the trails at Bikepark Winterberg must be aware and take note of the fact that riding on the trails or practising the sport is associated with unusual risks. Even the greatest possible care and compliance with the terms of use are no guarantee for a risk-free practice of the Mountainbike sport!

The risks result, for example, from the terrain, natural or artificial obstacles, weather conditions, riding errors, lack of riding skills, overestimation of one's own abilities, other people, vehicles or animals and other factors. Falls with damage to property, bodily injuries (also serious) can result from these risks. This applies not only to the user's own person or objects, but also to other persons and objects. The user is responsible for taking out adequate insurance for the risks associated with the practice of the sport (e.g. liability, accident, salvage, etc.).


1.1 Riding on the trails and using the lifts is always at your own risk. The routes are prepared and secured to the best of our knowledge and belief.

1.2 Parents are liable for their children. At Bikepark Winterberg there are no age restrictions for the routes and lift use. However, it is strongly recommended that children under the age of 10 are supervised by a parent or guardian or accompanied as far as possible.

1.3 For safety reasons, it is recommended that you always carry a mobile phone. Emergency number Bikestation +49 (0)2981-9199909.

1.4 Visitors to the Bikepark park exclusively in the Bremberg large-area car park on the opposite side of the road (official requirement). Parking there is free of charge. Parking and stopping in front of and behind the bike station, as well as at the valley and mountain station chairlift, is expressly not permitted. This is the only way to ensure that our rescue routes are freely accessible at all times.


2.1 On all bike trails Fullface-helmet compulsory, except on the COMMENCAL Beginner & Kids Parcours at the bike station! Further protective equipment (safety jacket, knee/shin pads) is strongly recommended and can be rented for a fee at the bike station. Wearing full body protection is compulsory on certain routes!

2.2 The tracks are classified in different levels of difficulty: blue=easy, red=medium, black=difficult. Good riding skills are a prerequisite for all routes. Each user should only ride the routes that correspond to his or her own requirement profile and ability.

2.3 Especially for the red and black marked routes, full body protection is compulsory (Fullface-helmet, safety jacket and knee/shin protectors)!

2.4 Attention! Especially the last sections of the North Shore require more experience (red-black marked route). There is a danger of falling on the obstacles! Please report possible defects to the Bikepark staff immediately! If you are not sure, do not go on the route! In general, you always drive on the obstacles at your own risk! The wooden elements must not be ridden on when wet!


3.1 All routes must be inspected as far as possible before driving on them by driving slowly, with foresight and caution (compulsory)!

3.2 At blind spots, generally drive slowly, with foresight and cautiously.

3.3 It is imperative to keep a safe distance! The biker in front, as well as the weaker biker, always has the right of way and must not be coerced.

3.4 For less experienced riders, please note that in many places route obstacles can be bypassed on easier paths ("chickenways").

3.5 Riding off the tracks, e.g. shortcuts, is strictly prohibited! Violation of this rule will result in the revocation of the lift ticket, a ban on riding on all tracks of the bike park, as well as expulsion from the premises (domiciliary rights)!

3.6 Driving uphill and pushing uphill is strictly forbidden on all tracks!

3.7 Stopping is prohibited on the route and lingering in places that are difficult to see must be avoided at all costs. Exception: training courses of our bike school.

3.8 The signs and markings set up on the individual routes must be observed at all costs in order to avoid accidents. Please be aware of hikers, pedestrians and forestry vehicles that may be in the park.

3.9 It is not permitted to use any of the Bikepark routes outside opening hours. The tracks may only be used between 9:30 am and 5:30 pm.

3.10 Bikes with child/bicycle trailers or shotgun child seats, unicycles, remote-controlled vehicles or similar, as well as "trail dogs", are excluded from track use.

3.11 It must be expected that sections of the route will be closed at short notice without prior notice due to urgent maintenance work. A temporarily reduced route offer does not entitle to a discount or refund of the lift ticket.

3.12 It is strictly forbidden for pedestrians to enter the tracks. Danger to life!

3.13 Music boxes on bikes or on the biker himself are not permitted when using the track and lifts!

3.14 Protect the environment! Do not dispose of tear-off visors, masks and other rubbish on or next to the course. There are plenty of rubbish bins at the lift stations.


4.1 The use of the trails at Bikepark Winterberg is free of charge within the stated opening hours. A ticket is required for uphill transport with the chairlift, which must be purchased in advance online via our homepage, on site at the bike station or at the ticket machine.

4.2 Day, multi-day and season tickets, as well as Gravity Cards, are personalised and therefore non-transferable. Tickets, on the other hand, can be used by more than one person. Access is controlled by contactless readers and control bodies. Non-compliance may result in the withdrawal of the lift ticket, a ban on riding on all routes of the bike park, as well as expulsion from the premises (domiciliary rights)!

4.3 Bikepark Winterberg is under no obligation to replace lost or damaged tickets free of charge. Tickets should not be bent or punched under any circumstances! Each biker is responsible for his/her own ticket and must bear any additional costs for a replacement ticket.

A (pro rata) refund of the lift ticket can only be made in the event of illness or injury of the respective person upon presentation of a medical certificate.

Bei möglichen Rabattaktionen gelten zusätzlich die jeweiligen Aktionsbedingungen. Diese können zum Beispiel dazu führen, dass Preise unterschiedlich sind, online Tickets nicht stornierbar sind oder es Einschränkungen bei der Buchbarkeit gibt. Die Aktionsbedingungen sind beim Ticketkauf aufgeführt und werden mit der Buchung eines Aktions-Tickets automatisch akzeptiert.

4.4 The requests and instructions of the lift and Bikepark staff must be strictly followed! Non-compliance will result in the revocation of the lift ticket, a ban on riding on all routes of the bike park and expulsion from the premises (domiciliary rights)!

4.5 Unvorhergesehene Wettersituationen (Wind, Blitz, Gewitter etc.), höhere Gewalt oder technische Probleme an den Liftanlagen, welche zwingend eine Einstellung des Betriebes aus Sicherheitsgründen erfordern, führen nicht zu einer Vergünstigung oder Rückvergütung des Lifttickets! Dies gilt für sämtliche Tickets, egal ob Tageskarten, Mehrtageskarten, Fahrtenkarten, Saisonkarten oder Aktionstickets.

4.6 The carriage of e-bikes and fatbikes on our chairlifts is limited to a maximum weight of 30 kg per bike.

4.7 Bikes with a wheel size over 29" are excluded from carriage on our chairlifts for technical reasons.

4.8 Luggage racks, lights, mudguards, fenders or similar should be removed before travelling on our chairlifts. We do not accept any liability for damaged or lost material!

4.9 Dogs and other animals, as well as prams, etc. are excluded from carriage on our chairlifts for safety reasons.

4.10 The Bikewash at the bottom station of the chairlift can be used free of charge until 17:15. The last ascent of the chairlift is at 17:25.

With the purchase and use of a lift ticket, riding on the Bikepark tracks and/or entering the grounds, the listed terms of use are automatically accepted!

AGB Bike Rental

Mountainbike-Park Winterberg GmbH & Co. KG

    The rental contract is concluded between the booking customer (hereinafter referred to as the customer) and Mountainbike-Park Betreiber GmbH & Co KG (hereinafter referred to as Bikepark Winterberg ) with whom the service is booked. The booking is made exclusively on the following terms and conditions:
    The rental of bikes is only possible for persons at least 18 years old with an appropriate photo identification. Minors require the mandatory authorisation from our website with a copy of the identity card (front and back) of a parent or guardian.The rental of bikes and/or protective equipment is only possible on presentation of a valid photo ID (identity card, driving licence or health insurance card) or a credit card of the customer at the time of collection on site.
    The prices for the rental equipment are those displayed on the website of Bikepark Winterberg or at the bike station when the reservation is made. The customer goes through various steps in which the selected bike(s) and protective equipment, the date of the visit and the data of the customer and possible accompanying persons for the respective rental equipment are recorded. The customer must identify himself/herself by providing the data listed in the order process. It is imperative that the required data is entered correctly! By sending the booking, the customer makes an offer for a binding reservation. By sending the reservation confirmation, Bikepark Winterberg accepts this offer. The confirmation will be sent immediately after receipt of the reservation. On the selected day of the visit, the customer can collect the pre-reserved rental material against payment on site in cash or cashless (EC, credit card or similar) and against presentation of the photo ID for identification.
    Booking exclusively on site is only possible if rental equipment is still available. This cannot be guaranteed. There is no entitlement to rental equipment on site. The contract is concluded with the payment
    Pursuant to § 312g para. 2 no. 9 BGB (German Civil Code), the customer has no right of withdrawal, as our offers are sports & leisure activities which provide for a specific date/period of performance.
    The rental equipment reserved by the customer will be ready for collection at the bike station on the selected day of the visit. On site, the equipment will be individually adjusted to the customer and the accompanying persons booked. The bike station opens at 9:00 a.m., after which the rental equipment can be collected. The reservation is valid until 10:30 am. After this time, Bikepark Winterberg reserves the right to cancel the reservation and to rent out the rental equipment elsewhere. If the customer is unable to keep the appointment, he/she shall inform Bikepark Winterberg of this at the earliest possible time, exclusively by telephone.On the last day of the selected rental period, the bike must be returned to the bike station by 5:45 pm at the latest. Rental bikes must be pre-cleaned before they are returned! If this is not the case, Bikepark Winterberg will charge a cleaning fee of 5 euros per bike. If the rental period lasts several days, the rental bike can either be deposited at the bike station or taken away by the customer. In the latter case, the customer bears full responsibility.no refund of the rental fee in the event of premature return without a medical certificate.
    Our rental bikes and protective equipment are NOT insured! The renter is fully liable for damage to rented equipment or for lost equipment. The rental equipment is taken over by the renter in perfect technical condition. The renter confirms with his/her signature that he/she is sufficiently insured (accident, liability) and that he/she will not make any claims for damages or claims against the operator or other persons or companies involved in the Bikepark Winterberg in the event of accidents. Optionally, a bike insurance policy can be taken out for damages up to a maximum of 250 euros.
    The bike insurance from Bikepark Winterberg is a voluntary offer that can be used for the rental bikes provided by us. The Bikepark Winterberg is the insurer and the customer is the policyholder. The bike must always be treated with care - whether with or without insurance. Accordingly, only damages are insured, which are due to proper use. The insurance fee is 10 Euro per bike and per rental day. The insurance covers only property damage, which is determined on the insured bike. The maximum insurance amount is 250 Euro for the whole rental period. Damage to protective equipment, the biker or other person(s) or the property of third parties cannot be claimed with the insurance. For damages exceeding 250 euros, the policyholder is still liable according to the rental conditions. The insurance can only be concluded directly at the time of booking. A subsequent insurance of a rented bike is no longer possible.

    The rental conditions in the bike rental still apply. These must also be observed.

    Cancellation of the reservation or booking is only possible due to illness, accident or other serious reasons (e.g. death of close relatives or accompanying relatives). Cancellation must be notified in text form to Bikepark Winterberg , together with proof. No refund will be granted if the appointment is not kept by the customer due to delay or is not accepted at all for other reasons, and the Bikepark Winterberg is not responsible for this. Force majeure (e.g. bad weather) or other events beyond the control of Bikepark Winterberg shall not give rise to any claim for cancellation of the booking or reimbursement of services already provided.
    If Bikepark Winterberg discovers discrepancies in the booking, it may cancel the reservation and refuse to hand over the rental equipment. This applies in particular if incorrect data (especially height and weight) was given by the customer during the booking! The reservation can also be cancelled if the rental equipment has not been collected by the agreed date.
    Should the customer have reserved the wrong rental category/size, the Bikepark Winterberg will unfortunately not be able to provide the selected bike. In this case, there is no entitlement to the issue of another bike for the customer.Any applicable or existing discount offers and/or vouchers can still be redeemed at the time of payment on site.
    In addition to the T&Cs listed here, the terms of use of Bikepark Winterberg apply. The terms and conditions listed here do not regulate the implementation of the visit. For the use of the lifts, a lift ticket must be purchased in addition. Further agreements must be made in writing. Verbal agreements are not valid.

    Any legal disputes in connection with or relating to (online) bookings made via the website of Bikepark Winterberg or on site, shall be governed exclusively by German law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of national courts in Germany.
    Furthermore, the place of jurisdiction for merchants shall be Medebach. Should any provision of these terms and conditions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining terms and conditions.

By making a reservation in the online shop or booking on site, the customer accepts the above conditions.

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