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Here you will find the most important documents and other downloads with useful information, including for example our flyer, the track map and the power of attorney for the bike rental. You can either print them directly and fill them out (mandatory for the power of attorney!), or depending on the document, for example, save it on your smartphone so that you have it with you on site during your visit.

Please note that the power of attorney for minors in the bike rental is mandatory if you are under the age of majority and want to visit Bikepark without a parent or guardian or an adult deputy who will take responsibility for the rental bike. Also, please do not forget to add the copy of your ID. The rental of protective equipment is possible from the age of 16. Up to and including the age of 15, you will then also need a completed power of attorney along with a copy of your ID, as long as you come along unaccompanied.

If you are looking for pictures or moving images, we recommend you to have a look at our media library. There you will find a selection of our best photos. For videos, feel free to check out our Youtube channel. And once you're there, don't forget to follow us directly to never miss any news again!

You need information or documents that you can't find here? Then do not hesitate and contact us directly. The best way is by mail via info@bikepark-winterberg.de. We are happy to help you with questions & problems.

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