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Biking for young and old at Bikepark Winterberg

Prices & opening hours

Here at Bikepark , everyone will get their money's worth - whether young or old, beginner, advanced or professional. Here you can find all information about our prices and opening hours at Bikepark Winterberg .

Season 2023 We are on winter break - From spring 2023 we will be back for you!
An exact opening date is not yet fixed, but will be announced in time. Until then, please be patient and enjoy the offseason!
Bikestation closed
Routes closed
Chairlifts closed

Price overview season 2023

Lift day ticketsAdults (born 2005 & older)Youths (born 2006 & 2007)Children (born 2008 & younger)
from 9:30 a.m.41,50 €29,00 €20,50€
from 11:30 a.m.37,00 €26,00 €18,50 €
Morning menu until 13:3033,00 €23,00 €16,50 €
Afternoon menu from 13:3033,00 €23,00 €16,50 €
10 trips*35,00 €35,00 €35,00 €
20 trips*62,00 €62,00 €62,00 €
2-day ticket**76,50 €53,50 €38,00 €
Each additional day**33,00 €23,00 €16,50 €
Season ticket (online booking required in advance!)***395,00 €275,00 €195,00 €

Season pass with many benefits

Benefit now from many more discounts and advantages

As a season ticket holder, you will benefit from many other advantages in the 2023 season. In addition to a season with unlimited access to Bikepark Winterberg on all opening days, you will also receive a free ticket and discounts for friends & family, as well as other benefits in and around Bikepark Winterberg .

Never has a season ticket been more worthwhile than this year!


Book your ticket online, use a keycard and start immediately through to the turnstiles at the lift!

What advantages do I have with the keycard?

  • You save the waiting time on site - you don't have to go to the ticket office to buy lift tickets, nor do you have to pick up or exchange your tickets anywhere. With the keycard you start directly through to the lifts at Bikepark Winterberg , the turnstile opens as usual for you and you can take full advantage of your day!


What is a keycard?

  • A keycard is a sturdy plastic card on which your ticket is digitally stored. The keycard can always be reloaded with a new ticket.


Do I necessarily need a keycard?

  • In the 2022 season, a keycard is required for all multi-day tickets and season tickets and can be ordered directly online via the starjack webshop if you do not already have one. Day and half-day tickets can also be booked on keycards. Please note that a keycard is also required for travel passes, but travel passes are only available from us on site, where you will also receive your keycard.


Where can I get a keycard?

  • You can order these directly in the starjack webshop for a fee of 5 euros (please note delivery time!). You will receive a personalised keycard that can also be used in all other bike parks, ski resorts etc. that also use starjack.
  • You can also purchase a keycard from us on site for a deposit of 5 euros and use it during your next visit when booking online.
  • If you have a keycard from another Bikepark or, for example, from the ski lift carousel Winterberg , you can usually also use it for your starjack ticket booking.


What happens to the old tickets on the keycard?

  • Day and multi-day tickets are worthless anyway after the last day of validity has expired. Therefore, they are simply overwritten with the new ticket.
  • Please note that this also applies to tickets! If you still have journeys stored on your keycard, these will be deleted when you book a new ticket and will therefore be lost! We therefore recommend that you use these journeys for the time being.

Soon it will start again!

Secure your ticket now to a season full of action, adrenaline and above all fun!

Never before has a season ticket been so worthwhile as this year. In 2023, in addition to unlimited access to Bikepark Winterberg , you can expect many other benefits such as free tickets, discounts for yourself or for friends, as well as benefits in and around Bikepark Winterberg . Get it now and don't miss out!

Attention: An exact opening date is not yet fixed, but will be announced soon - please be patient until then!

All the advantages of the 2023 season pass