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Safety First

Track maintenance & safety

To ensure that nothing stands in the way of an action-packed day at Bikepark Winterberg , we would like to point out the following safety aspects. The Bikepark team does everything to ensure that you have an unforgettable day. The trails and lifts are regularly maintained and serviced. In our bike station you will find the latest articles and the best service, also for your own bike, and of course we are always at your side in case of problems - talk to us!


  • On all bike trails Fullface-helmet is compulsory, except on the Beginner & Kids Parcours at the bike station - here a half-shell helmet is enough!!!
  • On certain routes the wearing of full body protection is mandatory! Please have a look at our route profiles .
  • Especially on the red and black marked routes the wearing of full body protection is urgently required! These items can also be rented for a fee at the bike station.
  • In case of emergencies you should always have a mobile phone with you!
Repair Service By the way! Our bike crew can repair everything that is behind the brand SRAM ! If you have problems with your own bike, just drop by our workshop at the Bikestation (until 4pm). We will be happy to help you!

Track usage

  • The routes are classified in different levels of difficulty: blue=easy, red=medium, black=difficult. Good driving skills are a prerequisite for all routes. Each user should only ride the routes that correspond to their own requirement profile and ability.
  • Drive slowly at blind spots.
  • Driving off the tracks is strictly prohibited!
  • Driving uphill and pushing uphill is strictly forbidden on all routes! Likewise, stopping, especially in places that are difficult to see, is not allowed. Exception: training courses of our bike school.
  • All routes must be inspected before driving (obligatory).
  • Keep a safe distance! The biker in front, as well as the weaker biker, always has the right of way and must not be coerced.
  • For less experienced riders it should be noted that in many places route obstacles can be bypassed on easier paths ("chickenways").
  • Wooden elements must not be driven over when wet!
  • The signs and markings on the individual routes must be observed to avoid accidents. Please be aware of hikers, pedestrians and forestry vehicles that may be in the park.

Track maintenance & lift maintenance

Our trails are maintained daily and are prepared and secured to the best of our knowledge and belief. Nevertheless, the use of the trails is always at your own risk. Therefore we ask you to follow our safety instructions. The Bikepark-Team does everything to keep the tracks, obstacles and material in an optimal condition and to offer you the best possible safety. Nevertheless, every rider is required to carefully assess himself and his riding skills. By overestimating yourself and driving recklessly you endanger yourself and others.

For beginners and mountain bikers who have never ridden in a Bikepark before, we recommend attending a riding technique course. In this way you will learn how to combine fast, action-packed riding with optimum safety.

Our lifts are checked daily and serviced regularly. Thus, a safe uphill transport for you and your bikes is available at any time. Of course, the lifts are also approved by the TÜV. Our trained staff at the lift stations is also there to help you with words and deeds.

Behaviour in an emergency
  • Carrying a mobile phone is recommended for safety reasons.
  • The emergency number Bikestation is +49 (0)2981-9199909
  • In particularly serious cases, you can of course also call the emergency number immediately: 112.
  • Secure yourself - as far as possible - so that there is no further danger for yourself and other bikers.

For further information, please also read our terms and conditions.


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