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Black Line


  • Difficulty difficult
  • Route length 1,100 m
  • Altitude difference approx. 170 m
  • Character
    Roots, curves, Steps
  • Recommended bike type
    Downhill Enduro Bike
  • Security
    On this route Fullface-helmet and full body protection are mandatory!

This is how the route looks

Track view

About the route

Black Line at Bikepark Winterberg

Natural, narrow, flowing trail with lots of roots, tight turns and steps. Just the right terrain for technical riding.

Germany's most versatile Bikepark

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Ideal for learning the riding technique. The challenges are not very demanding.
Suitable for advanced Bikepark riders. The route with tables, jumps and drops is flowing, but requires quite good previous knowledge.
Should only be used by very experienced Bikepark riders with sufficient Bikepark experience. Here you will find wooden elements, as well as gaps, jumps, stone fields, root passages and drops in various degrees of difficulty.

ATTENTION! Temporary track closures and restrictions of sections or entire tracks can always occur at short notice, e.g. due to weather conditions or safety-related maintenance work.

In and around the Bikepark Winterberg

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